The most important thing to guarantee the success of an implementation process of a new computer system is training. For this reason in Vint-13 Consultoria we strongly encourage that the best training is received. In order to do so, it is necessary to develop a training plan appropriate to the implementation process, which must take into consideration the following aspects:

Adjust the training needs to the reality of the users who have to use the new system

Identify and prioritize the specific needs for each area. Together with the key users of each area, it allows adjusting the needs in each case, adjusting the need in a more realistic way

Mark the calendar

Define the place and the means to carry out the formations. In order to achieve the objective of adequate training, it is crucial that the place, the material and the schedules are correct for the training that is being carried out

Clearly mark the objectives of the courses. It is very important to be clear that is what you want to achieve with the training you want to give

Define training actions. Be very specific with the content, what kind of information will be made, what types of students will attend the training, how many students, where will be carried out ...

Determine a training evaluation system

Identify trainers. They would have to be those consultants who have been involved in the process of implementing the new system, since they have a thorough knowledge of the project, the needs of the clients and the profile of the users