We V13 are committed to our customers. The implementation of a computer solution in a company is the beginning of a close relationship between the computer company and the computerized company

For this reason, online customer service is available to solve any doubts or incidents that may arise during the day

SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE: Why is it necessary?

The implementation of an ERP has a direct impact on the day-to-day running of an organization, both for its use and for its necessity, as well as for being the tool that supports most of the company's information

The integrity and traceability of information, the so-called "unique data" makes it treated as such from different departments, managements or addresses of the company, and therefore, in their analysis, identification and interpretation

The functional scope, being broad, implies a very exhaustive knowledge of the tool for its exploitation, and based on the configuration, adjustment and development behaves in the predefined way within the different companies

These aspects, and some more, sometimes make the user feel undecided or, despite the training given and the user guides made, require our support, both for having a superior knowledge of the tool, and for having the overall vision of the project


Availability of new versions

Unlimited support for queries and functional and technical issues

Maintaining the normative changes of each country

First level support provided by V13 and second level by Sage

Direct involvement of the manufacturer