Sage XRT Treasury allows real value added to financial planning systems (FRP). This new approach is made possible through the combination of an innovative and intuitive user interface with unique functional richness and the integration of modern technologies.

The Sage XRT Treasury solution helps you through a modular design, manage the balance, control budgets, reconcile movements, manage collections and payments, deal with financial risks and manage banking communications, ensuring a simple and easy to deploy project. Your equipment will be operational at any time, ensuring you take advantage of the investment, using standard and powerful technology to implement linear processes, for better collaboration and greater visibility of cash flows.

Sage XRT gives you the option to have the solution in a computer in your office or if you prefer you can have it in the cloud and access with a web browser.

In addition to the technical and functional aspects, the Sage XRT Treasury FRP requires an entirely new approach to financial management, focusing on productivity and efficiency.

Sage XRT is aimed at companies from all sectors from 50 employees.

Advantages of using Sage XRT

Avoid getting red

Avoid getting red and have possible budgetary deviations. It improves working capital and allows you to have an overall view of liquidity

Full coverage and specialized in cash flow management

Payments and collections, financial decisions, currency risk management, payment orders, reconciliation and bank communication. It's a modular approach: you pay for what you need

Easy integration

Treasury program that integrates easily with all market information systems.


Reinforces security in payments.

Cost reduction

Reduce costs associated with manual tasks.


Fully compatible with local and international legislation.


Improve the effectiveness of financial management and decision making by eliminating uncertainties.

Features of Sage XRT

Treasury Management

Monitoring of daily position and optimization of balances on value date.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Thanks to standard reports, graphs, analysis, dashboards and standard indicators that come by default you get an overview and analytical of the financial department. Also available on mobile devices.

Bank communication

You will be able to communicate automatically with your banking entities, the system will proactively import the bank statement and integrate it into the application.

Financial operations

This solution allows you to manage and control medium and long-term financing and investment operations.

Risk of change

It controls and manages the risk involved in working with foreign currencies in international operations.

Accounting reconciliation

It automates the reconciliation of rule 43 with accounting movements.

Collections and payments

Generation and sending of remittances of collections and payments. Comprehensive management of the different security levels in bank-business and intra-group communications.

Treasury Bills

Management and monitoring of the annual budget of treasury, being able to control the deviations produced between the expected and the real.

Automatic posting

Automatically generates accounting entries from information extracted from different sources (standard 43, excels), to integrate them directly into the accounting system of the company.

Electronic signature

Thanks to the validation through the electronic signature you can guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and traceability of payments.

Features of Sage XRT

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