The experience in the implementation of computer solutions for the management of companies is the best guarantee that the programs will do what the company requires.

IT management systems have to do what companies need and users have to do what the programs ask for. This is the work done by the consultants of V13 so that company, programs and users, go all in the same direction.

The basic principles for carrying out the consulting tasks are summarized in:

Understand the needs of the client and the structure of the organization in a clear and precise way, to ensure the quality of the project

Clear goals. The final objective of the implementation process must be clear from the start

Fit the budget

Defining the parts involved by the client, V13 and third parties involved

Decision making: Based on the premises of the client and with the experience as consultants, focus the bases of the needs and the objectives to be achieved

As a result of correctly managing the project management and execution, it uses a solid implementation methodology, with the following phases and stages:

The factors necessary to achieve the success of the process of implementation of a new management system are:


Teams involved from the beginning of the project

Accurately define roles and responsibilities of teams

Establish clear expectations for teams and define and measure progress

Clearly document what is decided at all times


Include all teams to define and analyze deficiencies


Keep the planning

Organize efficient meetings

Ensure that everyone understands decisions

Reformulate in order to avoid any ambiguity

Remember at all times goals and deadlines