App features

Application for the registration of entries and exits of people

Registration of entries

The application records the entry of people in a location


The data is processed and stored safely, complying with the regulations in force

Registration of exits

The application records the exit of people in a location if they have previously accessed

Data analysis

You can view and filter the data saved by the application. They can also be exported in CSV format

How it works

Application flow

App configuration

Choose location and language

Now you can register visits

Check the stored data

App Picture

V13 visitors

V13 visitors is an application to control access to a specific location. It controls the entry and exit of people who access by keeping all the information safely in a database.

It also includes a back-office to be able to consult all the data registered by the application. The data can be filtered with several parameters to be able to visualize the data quickly and easily. They can also be exported in CSV format.

App Image

Configure the application

In the application you can add languages, locations and more features such as displaying a PDF to the visitor with security rules before accessing. It can also be transformed into an access control for employees. With the employees registered in the application, an access control can be done to record the time of entry and the time of departure. With this you gain a reliable, secure and centralized control to be able to consult the data of interest quickly and easily.

Secure platform

App developed with secure always present

Fast and reliable

Record visits quickly and without errors

Flexible configuration

You can add new features that revolve around the main function of recording entries and exits


Includes a back-office to be able to consult the saved data

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